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 Toenail Surgery


Our instruments are sterilised to industry standards and kept under UV light

Just need your nails cut? 

If you are not able to reach your feet and require just nail cutting then please enquire. This service does NOT include any nail thickness reduction or drilling. No Callus, Corns Involuted nails or hard skin will be treated or any creams applied. All new Patients must first book an Initial assessment appointment £55 which includes any general treatment where it can then be agreed that simple nail cutting (£30) is a treatment we can offer you on the next scheduled visit.


Falknor's Verruca Needling

Footcare4eva are pleased to offer this service after an initial consultation (routine treatment) and we find that this is one of the most effective and aggressive ways to treat a stubborn Verruca and often requires no further application.

The example below shows Verruca on the heel of foot just days after treatment. A further picture shows the same area a few months later (following Debridement).The Verruca is no longer present and just a shiny area of skin remains where treatment was done.

Using Falknor's needling technique allows the patient to carry on with normal life without the need for weekly dressing applications and repeat visits as is common when treating with acid application or Cryoalfa freezing.

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Ingrown Toenail?  

Do you have an Ingrown nail and perhaps in a great deal of pain?. Its possible you have been seen by a GP and given a cream or antibiotics however this does not treat the cause of the issue. It is very unlikely that the nail will just "grow out" and the situation can get worse. Call us.


Wart on hands

At footcare4eva we are able to treat warts on hands/feet using Cryoalfa targeted freezing with a non contact tip which targets the Wart or Verruca and not the surrounding skin. In most cases it is painless with a slight discomfort. Further applications may be required.


Verruca on base of foot

We treat Verrucas using targeted freezing and/or strong acid to encourage the bodies immune responses.Cryoalfa targeted freezing with a non contact tip which targets the Wart or Verruca and not the surrounding skin.In most cases it is painless with a slight discomfort. Further applications may be required.

Gehwol Nail Repair System

This is a complete package for the cosmetic improvement or nail repair of damaged and disturbed nails, typically caused by fungal nail disease, brittle nails, or detaching nails. All of which may require prosthetic improvement. The Gehwol system uses medium and high viscosity resin hardened by UV light to create a prosthetic alternative, perfectly matched to natural nails. Here is an example of before and after basic treatment. The new nail can also be painted with nail varnish. The prosthetic treatment itself contains antimycotic additives which means no fungus disturbed regrowth. 




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