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Footcare4eva Ltd 

Podiatry treatment is offered subject to the following:

  • Treatment fees are payable for all treatment/work given or received from either patient or patient guardian. No credit will be given - fees are due at the time treatment is given or received.

  • All new patients will receive general treatment as a first appointment unless agreed before treatment has started. General treatment does not include Orthotics and is not part of an MSK assessment. MSK Orthotics assessment is £75 (£20 deposit required ) and additional to any new patient first time assessment cost £55.

  • Fees will vary according to the treatment given or received. Normally a fee is due for the type of treatment given or received in addition to the time the treatment takes, therefore, if you receive treatment, which is more highly skilled and/or takes longer than expected you may be charged a greater fee. Additional fees will be charged for extra services and items/products used during your treatment, this may include dressings, anaesthetics, bandages, insoles/orthoses, medicaments, footcare products, further assessments and advice, etc. - this list should not be considered exhaustive.


  •  We shall not discriminate against you due to any disability you may have.

  •  We shall treat you with the same respect, professional care and professional conduct as anyone else regardless of your gender, gender identity, sex, sexuality, race, religion, disability or profession.

  •  We reserve the right to treat you or not treat you, and to withdraw treatment at any time, without notice, in accordance with the rules and codes of conduct of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and the Health Professions Council.

  • Normal opening hours are posted in the practice website and on our practice front door, however, occasionally we may offer to see you earlier or later, on bank holidays or at our discretion. Appointments are mutually agreed between you, and us in advance, and upon acceptance of the appointment, verbally or otherwise, you are legally bound to keep the appointment, subject to the following:

Appointments – booking:

  • You may book an appointment by visiting or telephoning footcare4eva. First time Patient bookings require deposit payment of £20 in advance and sometimes follow up bookings may require a deposit.

  • If you choose to contact us by email or text then we will not be held responsible for any delay in responding to you regarding appointments - cancellation, postponement ,advice and missed (failed visits).

  • You may postpone, re-arrange your appointment, without penalty*, up to 48 hours before your appointment except when your appointment is on a Saturday or if you intend to cancel, in which case your deposit is not refunded - notification by email is at our discretion. Failure to notify us face-to-face, by telephone, within these limits, will result in you being charged the full deposit fee. Deposit for emergency or scheduled nail surgery is none refundable.

  • If fees remain unpaid for more than 21 days, we reserve the right to refer your outstanding debts to a debt collection agency/recovery service or to the Magistrates (small claims) Court for payment collection.

  • We reserve the right to postpone, cancel or rearrange your appointment without notice. Please note we will only do this in exceptional circumstances which may include sickness, accident, poor weather, any other incident which affects the ability of a team member to attend your appointment or where premises become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible if we need to do this giving you as much notice as possible.

  • If you have a history of poor attendance or previous disputes with treatment received at footcare4eva, we reserve the right to ask you to prepay for your appointments or if necessary, reserve the right to refuse treatment. You may pay for treatment by either cash (in sterling), or credit/debit card. We do not accept cheque payment.  


Orthotics or any product we supply as part of your treatment:

We do not offer refunds or replacement ( free of charge ) on any Orthotics supplied to you at any time however we will offer to adjust, check or correct possible issues presented after treatment. The products we use are Genuine and from approved manufacturers to the Podiatry industry. We are confident that any possible defects have been checked before being offered to any patient. We want you to be happy with your treatment however we are not able to cover you for any abuse or damage to the product when in use by you. Pictures of products supplied are kept on file to show the original condition before use.      

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