New Patient Info//

At footcare4eva your first appointment will last around 45min and cost £49. Walk in appointments are welcome and we will ask you to fill out a short medical history form. During the appointment a full check up of both feet and/or hands will be conducted and your medical health history taken into account in order that we may offer the best treatment based on what is possible in your case. Everyone is different which is why the Podiatrist needs to take into account all possible conditions such as allergies (both in diet and also in the environment) other factors such as blood thinning medications, pace maker, diabetes etc. We often get asked about services such as simple nail cutting .Yes we can offer this in your first appointment and then any follow up appointments which require nail cutting will have a more routine cost.  

Useful info //

​​Q:Can someone sit with me in the treatment room?

A:During current social distancing it is not possible

Q:What if i need to use the toilet?

A:We have WC facilities for Patients and friends and family

Q:Is treatment painful?

​A:Your treatment should not be painful and in the case of nail surgery a local anesthetic is used and given by injection into the affected toe.You may feel a small amount of discomfort but the area will begin to numb almost straight away

Q:Do we have parking?

A:No on site parking however see the home page on how to find us and parking options 

Q:Do we accept card payments?

A:Card and Cash payments accepted however at this time we do not accept American Express 

Q:Do we Sterilize our instruments?

A:Most of our equipment is single use. Any none single use instruments are Sterilised using our own Autoclave following industry standard guide lines 

Q:Is footcare4eva recognised by Insurance companies?

A:Our podiatrist is fully HCPC registered.We can print or email your treatment invoice which details our HCPC registration number which is required by health insurers to process treatment costs

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