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We are ready for your call. Perhaps you have been advised by the NHS to join a waiting list of many weeks or you are in pain and need treatment now. We are ready to see you at our fully HCPC registered practice. Even if the nail is infected or your on antibiotics we can still treat you. We are able to treat more that one nail at the same time.  All treatment is private and non NHS however we are HCPC registered and you may be able to claim costs back through your health insurance provider. If applicable we can provide invoices for treatment received. ​We first need to see you (£55) and gather details such as medical history to confirm your suitability as not everyone is able to have nail surgery due to medications prescribed, allergies etc etc. 



Orthotics can provide a simple and effective remedy for a wide variety of Patient conditions including lower back, hip, knee, ankle and heel pain. In addition they can relieve discomfort from flat or fallen arches and pain in the forefoot and shins.

We provide customised insoles with a variety of materials catered for your Podiatric needs.Design and provide customised orthotics. Provide prefabricated devices

footwear and foot care advice.



A biomechanical assessment  musculoskeletal (MSK) involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses. The examination is not focused just on the foot but includes the pelvis, legs and knees, assessing the relationship between them.The results of these assessments will determine why you are having  problems and what the likely causes are. In addition, the results become the fundamentals for your orthotic prescription, which will help improve foot alignment and function.At footcare4eva we provide MSK and biomechanical assessment and customised/prefabricated orthoses with information on a variety of exercises suitable for your condition.



Diabetes is associated with many health complications and directly affects the blood supply and nerves in the lower limbs. It is important that individuals with diabetes take extra care of their feet and fully understand the potential risks and complications involved. It is ideal that a diabetic foot check is performed on an annual basis in order to monitor and/or detect any changes.At footcare4eva we offer Diabetic foot check and Ankle-Brachial pressure index (ABPI).Report sent to your GP with referral recommendation (if necessary).Diabetic foot care and also any Diabetic foot care advice.



Damaged nails may become increasingly thickened, making them difficult to manage.As we get older many people have difficulty reaching their feet, reduced muscle strength and/or poor eyesight, making personal nail cutting difficult. 
Various nail pathologies such as fungal nails (onychomycosis), thickened nails (onychauxis), rams horn nails (onychogryphosis) and involuted nails may become increasingly difficult to manage and uncomfortable.

Diabetic and immunosuppressed patients are at an increased risk of contracting infection and delayed healing. A Podiatrist can reduce this risk by inspecting the feet, cutting the nails, smoothing out sharp edges and debriding any hard skin on a regular basis.At footcare4eva we offer nail cutting (length and thickness reduction) and a general foot check if you have any queries or concerns about foot care.


Corns and callosities are areas of hardened skin that form when subject to excessive pressure and or friction. They commonly occur over a bony prominence on the foot and often cause discomfort or pain when walking.

Structural abnormalities of the foot 

flat feet, lesser-toe deformities and bunions
Areas of high pressure over bony prominence
Areas of high pressure from unsuitable footwear
Areas of high pressure as a result of abnormal gait
​At footcare4eva we can alter the way you walk by addressing poor foot function.Debride callus and enucleate corns.Protect and offload the areas with padding and cushioning.Design customised insoles to offload areas of high pressure.Give expert foot care and footwear advice.

VERRUCA & WARTS (hands & feet)


We can offer treatment using the latest in freezing technology or Acid application.

- Hands

- Feet

- All ages

- Multiple locations treated in one visit



An acid is applied to the verruca and a dressing securely holds it in place. The dressing has to stay on and dry between appointments, 1 week apart. Between 4-6 treatments are usually required.


CRYOTHERAPY (freezing)


Cryotherapy: The verruca is frozen with liquid nitrogen. Several treatments are usually required. We can treat Warts on hands with this method also.



This verruca treatments has proved very effective.The region surrounding the verruca is numbed with local anaesthetic. The verruca is then punctured multiple times with a needle to initiate a strong immune response. Between 1-2 treatments are usually required.

Our Surgical Instruments

We follow industry standards for sterilisation which is performed at the highest temperature of 134-137C for three minutes using our own autoclave.



We keep sterile instruments under Ultraviolet light as a further hygiene standard.  



We now offer this complete package for cosmetic improvement or the repair of damaged and disturbed nails typically caused by fungal nail diseases,brittle nails,or detaching nails,all of which may require prosthetic improvement. The Gehwol Nail Repair system uses medium and high viscosity resin hardened by UV light to create a prosthetic alternative,perfectly matched to natural nails.

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