Initial consultation (duration around 45 minutes) in this time we check both feet for sensation and blood circulation. We take into account any medications and medical history. Treatment is given during this consultation, such as nail cutting,hard skin,corns,callus,fungal nail etc. However if you present with various conditions that cannot all be treated in 45min then follow up costs and appointments will be required. An example would be excessive hard skin, excessive nail thickness or discovery of a Verruca. If you present with a Verruca as a first time patient then we treat the Verruca as the treatment £49 .You would need to re-book for further general treatment in a future appointment.


£70 payment in advance. If Orthotics are required the price will be discussed during assessment. The cost of the resulting Orthotics is extra to the £70 assessment. The assessment can last around an hour and it is possible to be seen from a walk in appointment.It is best to book first either by phone payment or walk in. Please bring the various shoes you wear (regular day to day footwear) and any current Orthotics as this will help the Podiatrist assess.The £70 advanced payment is the assessment cost and not refundable should the conclusion be that Orthotics are not be required. Orthotics costs can be confirmed in this assessment and if accepted then half the cost will be required before any provision is made (none refundable). We require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation or rebooking. Excessive rebooking or cancellations may result in your £70 payment being refunded. No further bookings will then be possible.We reserve the right to refuse treatment.   


£49 assessment required. Everyone one is different e.g multiple Verrucas both feet or hands and feet etc.Some treatments are not appropriate i.e medical conditions or medications such as blood thinners.If treatment is possible then it can begin in this assessment. Any possible further costs (depending on treatment) will be confirmed by the Podiatrist.